Blewett Pass / Tronsen Meadow

Got a late start heading to Yodelin for some trees on this considerable avy day to find that the parking lot was completely full from Stevens overflow parking! Instead, we diverted to Blewett Pass which allowed for much more solitude, but we didn’t begin skinning until after noon so the tour was pretty limited. We made it as far as the NE/E flank of Diamond Head via some XC trails before meeting another pair of skiers on their way down from the DH/Windy Knob saddle area, reporting windscoured, rocky conditions. We called it a day and found some really nice pow in the low angle trees on the north facing rib off DH on the way back to the car. The glimpses of blue sky were a plus.

Looking across US 97:

Windy Knob from the NE flank of Diamond Head