Abiel Peak

Abiel Peak


Class 3

Abiel Peak is a fun scrambling peak off of I-90. I attempted this two ways – once in a failed attempt to see if we could finish an unusual route from Annette Lake, and one the easy way from the PCT.

Abiel from Annette Lake – The Hard Way (Sep 12)

On an overnight camping trip at the lake, a friend and I tried to scramble up the rugged, tree covered west ridge of Abiel by gaining a saddle in a talus-filled ravine southwest of the lake. We ambled around to the southwest edge of the lake, left the trail, and travelled on open talus to the steep treeline at the westerly of two saddle points on the ridge. This one looked more open and less forested than the east saddle point, but it turned out to be a bad move. The terrain was steep, loose dirt with very few hand and footholds. We found it too dangerous to continue and turned around. I bet the more easterly saddle marked on the map would go but we haven’t tried it; nonetheless, it was a fun adventure.

Looking at the talus gulley from Annette Lake’s north shore
Silver Peak on the ascent

Looking up at the saddle that didn’t work
Almost to the treeline
Turned around but happy

Abiel from Olallie Meadows- the Easy Way (Oct 11)

Undeterred by the unsuccessful attempt in September, I returned on the normal route to Abiel for a quick trail run. I drove over to the east side of Snoqualmie Pass and picked up the forest road near Hyak, driving to Olallie Meadows and picking up the PCT. After a few miles, an informal trail appears off to the right. I picked my way up through the mud and roots before gaining the saddle between Silver Peak on the right, and Abiel to the left. The route along the ridge to Abiel is straightforward and the summit view is pretty decent (treed, but with gaps for good views to both sides).

Silver Peak from Abiel’s summit
Abiel’s summit block from the ridge
Annette Lake from Abiel summit. The “unsuccessful saddle”  is above the talus in sun in the middle. The potentially successful saddle is in the shade just to the left.

After summiting Abiel, I jogged down to the turnoff point to Silver Peak and did a quick jaunt to the top (one of my favorite easier summits with great views!) and then cruised back down the PCT to the car.

This is a fun area!

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