Middle Fork Trail and other December activities

[Posted March 09, 2015]

Oh boy, I am three months behind on the blog – not because I’ve been too busy with outdoor activities to keep up, but because I’ve been working and travelling to keep my mind off the historically bad Cascades snowfall this year.

Mission Ridge Skiing

Fed up with (no) snow on the West side of the crest, I headed to Wenatchee with my buddy Mike to ski Mission Ridge’s one ribbon of machine snow. Little did I know it would be the best turns I’d experience until early March at Whistler…

Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Trail

In mid December, due to the mild temperatures, I walked the flat and level, forested Middle Fork Trail near the Mailbox Peak trailhead accessed from North Bend. It was a really beautiful hike, and there is a hot spring to visit several more miles down the trail (reservations required, apparently). There was some beautiful rime ice on the summit of Garfield Peak which towers over the river.

The biggest obstacle was the road in – several of the potholes were big enough to threaten my Honda CR-V; I believe the road is now closed until it can be repaired from a mudslide many miles in.