A Taste of Utah Powder

Over my spring break, I headed to Salt Lake City for five days of resort skiing. My brother and I hit Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, and Park City. We had minor powder days on 3 of our 5 days, and the terrain was really outstanding.

Day 1 – Alta/Snowbird

Hello Utah!

We got half-price tickets to Alta and Snowbird for the day since it was within 24 hours of our arrival. Sweet! We started the day at Alta since fresh snow had fallen on Saturday, but for the most part everything was already tracked out by the time we got there. Not to worry, there was good bump skiing and groomer cruising to be had.

Devil’s Castle, Sugar Loaf, and Baldy from near Catherine’s

Mineral Basin is beautiful… but with all that southern exposure, it was totally cooked. Apparently locals call it Miserable Basin. Also, the GoPro failed to charge the night before, so no clips in the video are from today. Bummer!

Mineral Basin from the Alta/Snowbird interconnect

Day 2: Alta

From Day 2 to Day 4 we skied on the “Salt Lake Super Pass” which gives a little discount on the daily rate but includes the UTA Ski Bus fare up and down the canyon. It ends up being a good deal.

Supreme Lift

Snow started falling at around 9am and continued throughout the day, covering the groomers with a few inches and making the skiing off the Supreme Chair pretty nice. We stayed on this fixed-grip triple chair for most of the day because of the great terrain!

Among my favorites were the tree runs and little chutelets skier’s right of the Challenger run, and the open bowl pretty far along the Catherine’s traverse (accessible with a small hike). We also tried skiing off Sugar Loaf and Collins but visibility was poor.

Day 3 and 4: Brighton

Day 3 was the family-friendly day. Dad skied with us for the first time in a while and had a good time once we got him warmed up on the Majestic green runs and up to the Snake Creek Express with some nice blue cruisers. Meanwhile, I was enjoying some unexpectedly good powder stashes in the trees off the beginner/intermediate Majestic Chair (actually the finest powder turns I got at any of the Cottonwoods resorts we visited!)

Looking South towards Little Cottonwood off the Great Western summit. Brings back fun memories of summer hikes on all these peaks

I enjoyed taking the double black runs skiers left of the Snake Creek lift (Snake Bowl and Sawbuck), as well as some tougher lines on Mt. Millicent. Lone Pine is probably the steepest line I’ve skied yet.

Milly face runs (challenging terrain in the middle chutes)

On Wednesday night, it snowed again, leaving us with some nice new powder on Thursday to check out. My favorite runs that day were the mellow tree runs following the Great Western lift line. There were great glades of pines and aspen all along that ridge which could be skied all day long.

Mellow trees off of Great Western
Snowy view of Timpanogos

Day 5: Park City

Park City was an unexpected hit after it snowed heavily Thursday night, leaving 5 inches in the Cottonwoods and 3-4 inches in most of PCMR. My brother and I headed straight for the expert terrain off of the Jupiter lift, but couldn’t resist lapping a couple of the Thaynes runs in untouched powder. It’s all about the journey, not the destination, right?

Jupiter Bowl

Turns out there was plenty left when we got there. I skied Jupiter Bowl/Fortune Teller right under the lift line for my first run, then made the hike to Scott’s Bowl four or five more times before it started getting a little more tracked out.

Scott’s Bowl
Fun mini-cornice drop in to Scott’s Bowl

It was funny to think I had ridden my bike to within a few hundred feet of this point from Salt Lake City (over Guardsman Pass) not too many months ago.

There really is no easy way down from the Jupiter lift, so make sure you have the skills to ski it safely if you go. There are some runs that are easier for double blacks, but steeps and unmarked obstacles could be found pretty much everywhere.

Looking at Pinecone Ridge

The rest of the day consisted largely of nice high-altitude groomers. We avoided the lower runs because it got very soupy as the day warmed up.

Oh yeah, Park City has groomers

And all too soon it was time to head home again! It was an awesome trip. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to Utah to ski. We got a great deal on accommodations in the valley, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better “dollars to quality skiing ratio” anywhere around.

Nice parting shot of Canyonlands as we flew home