Guardsman Pass Cycling

4750′ vertical
17.5 miles one way

Guardsman Pass is the biggest, baddest road cycling climb in the Wasatch and the most brutal single ride I’ve ever done on the bike. I stupidly didn’t eat well before (salad at lunch, nothing else) and bonked about halfway through and somehow managed to drag my broken body up the rest of the way to the top. I hope to do it again and see if better nutrition makes a difference. The crux of the hill climb is the 15% grade for a few hundred yards right below the summit.

The descent is a blast although the best parts of the downhill are not on the Guardsman road itself, but on the main Big Cottonwood road below Brighton. I hit 42mph without trying too hard since my legs were about to fall off.

The view is the reward for the pain
East from the crest of the Wasatch
Descending the Guardsman Pass road above Brighton

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