Arches National Park and Moab Canyoneering

Arches National Park

After our traverse of the La Sal range on Saturday, we had all afternoon to kill so we headed over to Arches National Park for a taste of one of Utah’s most unique places. Not much to say about the park, the photos can speak for themselves.

Desert panorama (La Sal range at the right)
Window Arch
Enjoying the shade below Window Arch
Turret Arch
Climbing around on the sandstone. Fun little scrambles
Unknown arch
Hiking to Landscape Arch
Landscape Arch – the most unbelievable one
Delicate Arch – the famous one
Delicate Arch
Desert thunderstorm over the La Sals

Canyoneering – Morning Glory Arch

On Sunday morning, Simon and I met up with Red River Adventures for a half-day canyoneering, half-day rafting trip to get a taste of Moab. I’d highly recommend working with Red River, we had a great time. Most of my pics are from the canyon trip. The rafting was fun but since the water level was high, many of the rapids were fairly tame. It was great to escape the heat by jumping into the river though.

Before the first rappel
Simon on the first rappel into the slot
Before the second rappel
Standing on Morning Glory Arch with 120′ drop off on either side
View from the arch
Me on the second, 120′ rappel
Spectacular rappel!
Refreshing water hike
Mesas near the Colorado river valley
Just before we hit the river for some rafting


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