Emigration Canyon and other weekday evenings

This has been a light week of activities due to some work stuff but here’s what happened:

Mount Olympus again

On Memorial Day evening I headed up Mt. Olympus with my roommate Jared. Olympus is such a good workout! The light was great at the top.

SLC from Olympus

Snow Day

Not exactly a snow day in the valley, but up high it was cold and dumping snow. It’s almost June, stop already!

Snowbird indeed

Emigration Canyon cycling

Emigration Canyon is a fantastic bike ride, one of my favorites of all time. It is a workout but not that painful, the road is good, it’s scenic, and the descent is a blast. No brakes!

The climb starts basically a couple blocks from my house and doesn’t relent for 13 miles, gaining nearly 2000′. The grade is much less steep than some of the other canyons, so it’s easy to maintain a decent speed. It took me an hour to get the 13 miles to the top of the canyon, and half an hour to get down! (Including traffic!)


Looking down the canyon
Emigration Canyon road

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