Grandeur Peak

My first full day in town, I made a quick run up Grandeur Peak, which is located less than 15 minutes from downtown SLC. It’s the first peak on the Mill Creek Ridge. I took the West Slopes route. It is steep, gaining more than 3,200 feet in less than 3 miles.

Low on the ridge

The lower part of the trail is extremely steep and fairly loose for a heavily-used trail. It basically directly ascends the main West ridge with very few switchbacks. Higher on the mountain, the terrain becomes rockier which actually helped with footing.

High on the mountain

Some snow was present high on the mountain. It was a bit windy at the top but nothing too unusual for an exposed ridge. The sun made it very comfortable.

First summit of the year!

The view of the city and the lake was quite amazing for a peak so accessible. It took me 1:30′ ascending and another 40′ to descend.

View of the Salt Lake valley from the summit

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